Scenic Eclipse Gym, Yoga Studio And Senses Day Spa

Not only were there great dining options (read our dining review here) and bar and lounges (read our review here), but there were also a number of added amenities onboard that took our Scenic Eclipse experience to the next level. These ranged for a fully equipped spa, infrared sauna, plunge pools, a gym, yoga studio and of course, a helicopter. Designed to indulge and unwind, we found all our wellness needs to be covered.  

Power – Scenic Eclipse Gym

We found the gym onboard the Scenic Eclipse to be a great use of space and to also stock everything we needed. With three treadmills, an elliptical, a weights rack, gym balls and pilates equipment, along with towels and fresh water that are constantly replenished by staff, it was a great place to workout.

The treadmills were recent models that allowed you to pair your apple watch and/or phone if you wanted to. You could also select different running scenery if you wished, but we preferred to admire the outside view. 

If you’re looking to take things to the next level and customise your fitness program while onboard, you can experience a personal training session with one of the on board personal fitness instructors. 

A few recommendations if you’re looking to use the gym, go earlier in the morning rather than later. From about 9am onwards it can become busy. On days at sea it can also be difficult to use some of the equipment, due to the motion of the boat rocking. 

Pure – Scenic Eclipse Yoga, Pilates & Meditation

The yoga and pilates studio is located on Deck 7, opposite the Scenic Eclipse gym. Scenic promotes this studio as one of a kind at sea, with an all-inclusive healing experience. Although we didn’t get an opportunity to attend one of the classes, we did have a look at the studio. 

The space is very bright and open, with large windows facing out to take in the view of the surroundings, and floor to ceiling mirror around the remainder of the room. This made the studio feel very spacious and airy. 


Classes offer you standard yoga, meditation and pilates, but also offer new holistic therapy sessions including Aerial Yoga, TRX, mindfulness meditation and Tibetan sound bowl healing classes. One on one sessions are also available to book with the instructors for a personalised and private experience tailored to your preferences. 

Senses Spa


The Senses Spa offers a range of treatments and services that you can indulge in when onboard the Scenic Eclipse. There are a wide range of massage options to pick from, with three signature massages available, five holistic massages inspired by ocean therapies and five rejuvenation massages such as deep muscle and hot stones. 


Along with this there are also a number of facial treatments. These range from revitalisation facials all the way through to Dermalux LED treatments that use narrow band, non thermal UV light energy to trigger the body’s natural cell process to accelerate rejuvenation. 


A range of manicure and pedicure treatments are available to keep you looking your best while on Scenic Eclipse. We indulged in a pedicure towards the end of the trip, and the service was outstanding.


One of our favourite things to indulge in on the Scenic Eclipse, was visit the sauna and plunge pools. It proved a great way to relax after exploring new cities throughout the day. You can fit 6 people comfortably in the sauna, however it was empty everytime we went to use it. The great thing about the sauna and plunge pools is you don’t need to book in advance, you can simply pop down for a quick steam.


Finally, there is a healing Salt Therapy lounge where you can relax prior and post your treatments.


Our biggest recommendation with Scenic Eclipse Senses Spa: Book early. As our cruise was only 10 days, we found popular services like massages and pedicures to book up fast, especially on those days at sea. When we visited the spa on the second day, all massages were fully booked and there were only a few appointments available for pedicures. Cancellations do occur, so we suggest popping down mid way through your trip to see if there have been any new openings. 

In Summary


Overall, the Scenic Eclipse Gym, Yoga Studio and Senses Day Spa were outstanding. Each has been thoughtfully designed to offer a functional, but luxurious space. We do recommend getting to the gym earlier in the morning to avoid the rush, and also booking spa treatments the day of boarding, to avoid missing out.


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