Scenic Eclipse Lounge And Bar Review

There are a number of places to relax and unwind outside of your suite on Scenic Eclipse. On our recent 10 day cruise around Japan, we were able to check out all the bars and lounges onboard the Scenic Eclipse, read our review of each below.

scenic eclipsescenic-eclipse-lobby-lounge-4

Scenic Eclipse Seating Area In Lobby Lounge Bar

Scenic Eclipse Lobby Lounge Bar

The Scenic Lounge Bar is the biggest onboard the Scenic Eclipse and one of the most beautiful. With a range of lounges spread out across a huge space, the main feature is the large whiskey bar in the center of the lounge, offering more than 150 varieties of scotch and whiskey, along with other spirits, wine, beer and soft drinks. This proved to be a very common place to grab a pre-dinner drink, with canapés being served every night around 4pm.

The bar opened early in the morning and stayed open later into the night. It featured a multitiered lighted column that showcases the bottles of whiskey, surrounded by a large, square marble bar, with stool seating along the front.

The space is designed for conversation, with a number of couches, bench seating and cushioned chairs arranged around long, low marble tables. Throughout the day many passengers opted to read their books here, with a small self-service coffee and tea station being located adjacent to the bar.

The Lobby Lounge Bar is one of the busiest spots onboard, with it often bustling pre and post dinner. 

Walkway through Lobby Lounge

Walkway Through Lobby Lounge Bar

seating area in Lobby Lounge Bar

Seating Area In Lobby Lounge Bar

Central Whisky bar in Lobby Lounge Bar

Central Whiskey Bar In Lobby Lounge Bar

Ocean views from Lobby Lounge Bar

Ocean Views From Lobby Lounge Bar

scenic eclipse

Foyer Of Lobby Lounge Bar

scenic eclipse lecture theatre

Lobby Lounge Lecture Theatre

Scenic Eclipse Panorama Bar

The Panorama Bar is located on deck 10, and was one of our favourite outdoor spaces to relax when the weather permitted. It features sun lounges, two spas, cabanas down both sides of the boat and a bar in the centre of the deck. 

This was a great place to view landmarks as you sailed past, and also a nice place for a pre-dinner drink when looking to enjoy the weather and not be stuck inside. The cabanas down the side of the ship were great for those wanting more privacy, and found many used this to read their book or have a nap.

When arriving and exiting ports, this was the spot to be as you had magnificent views of everything surrounding you and definitely was a highlight on the Scenic Eclipse ship.

scenic eclipse panorama bar 8

Private Cabanas Along Panorama Bar

scenic eclipse panorama bar 7

Panorama Bar Sun Lounge Section

scenic eclipse panorama bar 8

Spas At Panorama Bar

bar area on panorama bar scenic eclipse

Panorama Bar On Scenic Eclipse

panorama bar scenic eclipse 3

Back Of Scenic Eclipse Panorama Bar

Scenic Eclipse Observation Deck Lounge

Located on deck 5 towards the front of the ship, the Observation Lounge is a quiet spot where passengers can gather during the day to read or simply relax. Within this space you’ll find a small library with books along with a self-service coffee and tea bar. There are low tables or high, long tables to sit at. There is also a telescope in the corner.

We found this lounge a great place to relax and found ourselves here quite a bit writing our reviews. As it’s located towards the front of the ship, you get a great view of the sailing ahead. If you are, however, looking for more sprawling views of the ocean, we do recommend heading up to the Panorama Bar on top level. 

scenic eclipse observation deck 1

Inside The Observation Deck Lounge

deck on scenic eclipse

Outside Deck View Of Observation Deck Lounge

observation deck book case

Library Observation Deck Lounge

scenic eclipse observation deck 22

Self Service Observation Deck Lounge

Scenic Eclipse The Yacht Club Terrace

The Yacht Club Terrace is found outside of The Yacht Club dining area. This offers a casual alfresco dining terrace on Deck 7, at the rear of the yacht. This was one of the few places we didn’t visit during our cruise, as due to the humidity, we opted to dine indoors where we could. 

There were good seating options from tables and chairs to more lounge style. We found many people to eat their breakfast in this spot as it was a nice place to take in the scenery during the morning, before the day heated up.

Scenic Eclipse Lounge And Bar Overview

We found the lounges and bars onboard Scenic Eclipse to provide a range of atmospheres depending on your mood. Although there wasn’t a huge amount of space compared to other superyachts, the spaces never felt crowded due to the small number of people allowed on board. 

Overall, we found Scenic Eclipse offered everything from the big lavish bar areas right down to the quiet and private cabanas to lounge and relax.

Interested in learning more about Scenic Eclipse? We also conducted a review on the suites which you can read here, and also our dining experience while on board. 

girl on scenic eclipse

Observation Deck Scenic Eclipse

With a range of options available such as Antarctica on Scenic Eclipse or to cruise the Mediterranean, get in contact with one of our Tour + Cruise specialists today to discuss your plans.

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