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Ocean Cruise, Small Ship Cruise

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BONUS SAVINGS 👉 up to $3,000 per suite when booking from now until 31 July 2024* on this Northern Europe cruise with Silversea!

Silversea voyages are known for a seamless all-inclusive experience from ship to shore, including exceptional cuisine, fine wines and spirits, gratuities, and more on board, and complimentary shore excursions in every port of call. Discover how delightful Norway is on this Silversea voyage, one that takes in the best of the best of this charming region.

Embark in Bergen and continue on to charming towns Åndalsnes, Trondheim and Ålesund to name just a few. You’ll be dazzled by the deep blue fjords, emerald forests and pretty architecture. The food and drink are incredible, and the locals are warm and full of Nordic charm. Enjoy a day at sea before arrival in Copenhagen.

Andalsnes, Norway

Experience a range of destinations with Silversea. Pictured: Andalsnes, Norway

Included Items

  • Butler service in every suite
  • Unlimited Free Wifi
  • Personalised service – nearly one crew member for every guest
  • Multiple restaurants, diverse cuisine, open-seating dining
  • Beverages in-suite and throughout the ship, including champagne, select wines and spirits
  • 24-hour dining service
  • Onboard entertainment
  • Complimentary transportation into town in most ports
  • Onboard gratuities
*Port to Port package also includes shore excursions.

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Deal Type

Ocean Cruise, Small Ship Cruise


Bergen to Copenhagen

Bergen to Copenhagen

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The crooked, pastel-coloured warehouses of Bergen’s World Heritage waterfront lean together charmingly, welcoming visitors to this city at the heart of Norway’s most extraordinary cinematic landscapes. It may be the country’s second largest city, but the villagey feel here always provides a warm welcome – even when the weather is living up to its famously damp reputation. Bergen’s colourful waterfront, Bryggen, is a ramshackle line-up of incredible Hanseatic warehouses, built following the devastating fire of 1702, which ransacked the city. These iconic warehouses have stood proudly ever since, with Bergen growing and expanding around the colourful facades. Behind them, a labyrinth of narrow alleyways and wooden decking waits, alive with artisan craft shops and bustling galleries. Fløyen mountain watches over the city, and you can take a short but steep hike up to the panoramic viewpoints, or jump on the funicular, which trundles visitors up and down the incline. At the top, spectacular views of Bergen jutting out into the dark seas below unfold before your eyes.

Wait until evening to see the sunset painting glorious golden light across the city and waves, and Bergen’s lights flickering into life. Nærøyfjorden, a deeply etched fjord nearby, is perhaps Norway’s most photographed and iconic piece of scenery. A cruise through the base of this spectacular narrow fjord, parting the glass-smooth inky waters, is an utterly humbling experience, as the claustrophobically-close slopes rise imposingly over you. Sognefjord also stretches out nearby, and is Norway’s longest fjord, adorned with plunging waterfalls and vibrant farms during summer.

Bergen, Norway

Bergen, Norway


Alesund, Norway

Alesund, Norway


A colourful, historic capital of Norway, Trondheim’s history reaches back to 997 AD, when it was founded by Viking King Olav Tryggvason. It may be Norway’s third-biggest city, but there’s a welcoming and intimate feel here, with a photogenic waterfront, and glowing wooden warehouses adding old-time charm. The history runs deep, but nowadays Trondheim is also a leading technology centre, and home to 30,000 students, who inject youth and vitality into the city’s streets. Museums dedicated to Norway’s musical heritage will strike a sweet chord, while the endless wilds of central Norway and the Trondheim Fjord unveil themselves close by. A destructive fire laid to rest to old Trondheim’s narrow wooden alleyways, but a flavour of the old city survives in the Bakklandet neighbourhood. Traditional timber houses and colourful wharves line up along the waterfront, painting a pretty picture with pistachio-green and turmeric-yellow licks of paint.

Vibrating cyclists rattle along the cobbled old streets, while flowers spill down from window ledges in this quaint, but lively area of cafes, restaurants and curiosity shops. Head to the Old Town bridge – Gamle Bybro – to enjoy the colourful lines of houses on both sides of the river, on your way to the gothic Nidaros Cathedral, which towers above the city, with its pointed, emerald-green spire punctuating the sky. The most northerly Gothic cathedral in Europe, aim to visit during one of the organ performances that rattle the beautiful stain-glass windows. Built on the burial site of King Olaf, in 1070, you can test your knees by taking on the narrow ascent of the tower, where glorious views of Trondheim await. Take in the beauty of the city with a trundling tour aboard the most northerly tram in the world – Gråkallbanen.

Trondheim, Norway

Trondheim, Norway


Åndalsnes is located at the mouth of the river Rauma, at the shores of the Romsdalsfjord, one of the fjords protected as a UNESCO world heritage site. Famous in the 19th century for salmon fishing, the Rauma flows through the Romsdalen Valley widely considered some of the most breathtaking scenery in all of Norway. Although the river’s salmon stocks are now being replenished, today Andalsnes is better known as a centre of excellenece for Norwegian alpine sports. Mountaineering, climbing, hiking and even base jumping are all readably accessible. A newly opened Norwegian Mountaineering centre boasts Norway’s highest indoor climbing wall. Some 15 kms out of Andalsnes is the Trollstigen (Troll Road), a mountain road that climbs the pass between the Isterdalen and Valldal valley. It’s one of Norway’s major attractions due to the steep inclines and eleven hairpin bends, only open in the summer months. Equally exciting is a three hour round rail trip from Andalsnes to Dombas on the Rauma Railway line. A feast for the eyes from the comfort of a carriage, mountains, valleys and waterfalls come into sight, as the route follows the Rauma river. Trains thoughtfully slow down at the most photogenic spots. A feat of civil engineering the track passes over countless bridges and through tunnels, the train even performs a 180 degree turn underground. Easily missed, look out at the train station in Andalsnes for a chapel converted from an old red “Intercity Special” railway carriage. The only train chapel in Norway and perhaps the world!


Quaint wooden farmhouses sit below jagged mountain peaks, in this land of superlative natural features. Witness nature at its most spectacular, as you visit tiny Olden – a village of just 500 people, which is swallowed whole by its colossal surroundings. The village nestles at the mouth of the Oldeelva River, on the southern banks of Norway’s sixth-longest fjord, Nordfjord. Embark on dreamy lake cruises, confront cascading glaciers, and ascend to staggering viewpoints to survey the majesty from above. Olden is surrounded by valleys, carved by the slow grind of mighty glaciers, peeling off from immense ice caps. See mainland Europe’s largest, Jostedalsbreen, with its 22 arms spilling down into branches, which rest between mountains. Head for the blue-white terminus of the Briksdal Glacier, to admire the icy expanse up close, and hike the deeply picturesque surroundings. From Olden, you can sail out on the smooth waters of the scenic Nordfjord, or calmly kayak across its glassy surface, observing sharp peaks and cascading waterfalls.

Take a coffee break at Lovatnet Lake – be sure to give the local waffles and strawberry jam a try – before heading out onto the gorgeous blue-green water, which is coloured by minerals and clay particles, washed in by the glacial water. The valley’s bulging mountain walls tower above you, as you glide across the magical surface. Nearby you’ll find the slightly larger village of Loen. Jump on the Skylift, and you can reach the bill-topping view from the 1,011-metre tall perch of Mount Hoven, where a spread of villages, fjords and mountains is set before you.
Olden, Norway

Olden, Norway


Days at sea are the perfect opportunity to relax, unwind and catch up with what you’ve been meaning to do. So whether that is going to the gym, visiting the spa, whale watching, catching up on your reading or simply topping up your tan, these blue sea days are the perfect balance to busy days spent exploring shore side.


The summer getaway of choice for Norwegians, Kristiansand basks in summer’s glow and lays down a charming welcome mat for visitors from Scandinavia and beyond. While it radiates a summery, old-time holiday charm Kristiansand is certainly no sleepy fishing village, and Norway’s fifth-largest city is a modern, green and culturally-rich city to explore. Posebyen Old Town is a delightful clutch of floral-shaded timber houses, glowing with splashes of pink blossom and carefully cultivated floral displays. Take a gentle stroll, smelling the hints of creamy white paints on the breeze, as fresh layers are ladled on by the locals, keeping the area spick and span. Kristiansand is a city fuelled by culture, and a packed schedule of open-air festivals means there’s always something to celebrate or a show to see.

The spectacular waterfront Kilden Performing Arts Centre is the city’s new crown jewel – settle into your seat in this beautifully designed, golden wedge of a structure, and feel the swell of the resident orchestra reaching a stirring climax. With delicious seafood food, and plenty of shopping to boot, you’ll be in no hurry to leave – but Kristiansand is a fantastic jumping-off point for unravelling Southern Norway scenic coastline of quiet fishing villages and scattered skerries. Sparkling waters, forested hills and the freshest air awaits as you jump aboard local ferries meandering up and down the Norwegian Riviera, navigating out to city beaches, quiet islands and scenic fjords. Relax in a boat of your own, haul huge salmon from the depths of the waters, or settle back to soak up the Norwegian sun on the beach – there’s always something new and invigorating to enjoy in Norway’s favourite outdoor playground.


Effortlessly cool and down to earth, Copenhagen is a contemporary, clean and classy highlight of Scandinavia. A city built to be liveable, Copenhagen has refused to compromise, resulting in a forward-thinking metropolis that’s green and clean. Swim in the waters of Havnebadet Islands during summer, or shelter from winter’s bite by snuggling in beside a roaring open fire during winter. You can even hop on a train to Sweden, traversing the famous span of a Nordic Noir star – the Öresund Bridge. It takes just a touch over half an hour to step off the train in Malmö. There’s only one way to truly explore Copenhagen and that’s on two wheels. Easy bike hire schemes will get you moving across this flat city, designed with bikes at the forefront of the mind. Choose a model with electronic assistance to take the strain out of any journey, giving you the freedom to whizz around and explore the modern angular architecture of the centre, and the pastoral colours of Nyhavn waterfront.

Head out to the Little Mermaid statue, inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale – the strikingly-restrained statue is the perfect landmark for Copenhagen; unshowy, self-assured and utterly irresistible. The Danish concept of hygge is very much alive here, and you’ll feel that warm cosy feeling as you visit cafes illuminated by the warm glow of hanging filament bulbs, and stuffed to the brim with thick, dusty books. Home to mega-brewer Carlsberg, Copenhagen is also a city for hop enthusiasts, and there is a thriving craft brewing scene to sample. Danish Smørrebrød sandwiches are a must try, or for something a little more substantial, settle in for a culinary voyage and try a taster menu – the city’s restaurants are littered with Michelin stars.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark

A new world of luxury on Silver Dawn +

A new world of luxury is waiting aboard Silver Dawn. Elegant and modern, Silver Dawn is the natural evolution of our fleet. Large enough to offer eight dining options – including the superb Sea and Land Taste (S.A.L.T.) programme – yet small enough for the famed Silversea onboard ambience, Silver Dawn inherits the best features of her sister ships Silver Muse and Silver Moon, but is in a class all of her own. With sumptuous suites, outstanding itineraries, plus cutting-edge design and technology and the outstanding OTIUM wellness concept, Silver Dawn sets new standards of luxury. Wake up to a new dawn with Silversea.




Take your travel experience further than ever before in the S.A.L.T. Kitchen. Silver Dawn’s exclusive destination focused restaurant is the place to be when it comes to enjoying the local cuisine, culture and rich culinary heritage of your voyage. Taste your way through regional specialities for your most immersive travel experience ever. Whether you are looking for excellent food and wine, a social meal with friends or a deeper understanding of your region’s culture, expect to find it in the S.A.L.T. Kitchen.

S.A.L.T Kitchen

S.A.L.T Kitchen


Silversea’s signature French restaurant, La Dame is the epitome of fine dining. Featuring the rich, smooth flavours of France, La Dame’s reputation for gastronomic excellence is fully upheld aboard Silver Dawn. Expect only the very best; chic contemporary style, vast ocean-view windows, crisp white table linens and impeccable white-gloved silver service with a smile. Decorated with custom-made interior panel compositions created by Lalique, there is no better place to feel the culinary soul of France than in La Dame.

Per guest reservation fee of US$60.


Silversea’s much-loved casual dining restaurants serves a delectable range of burgers and salads by day, and turns into our famous Hot Rocks table BBQ concept by night. The Grill is quite simply, the best place to eat between sea and sky. If you like flavour some meals cooked to perfection, a casual laid back atmosphere and OMG views, then The Grill is the answer to your prayers.


Instantly recalling images of the sea in all her watery majesty, the Atlantides are the seven nymph daughters of Atlas. Creative muses, known for their wisdom and beauty, the sisters were granted immortality in the form of stars and can be seen today in the constellation of Taurus. Pivotal to Silver Moon dining experience, this elegant bar and grill incorporates the best that the sea has to offer. Created to temper your taste buds, designer dishes such as royal crab, blue lobster and Verbena infused red snapper in a sea salt crust are showcased alongside the best steaks offshore.


La Terrazza is a celebration of the way Italians eat today, an ode to the delicious evolution of the world’s most beloved cuisine. Evolving one of Silversea’s signature restaurants, La Terrazza serves fresh twists on great classics, and also explores the new heroes of Italian cuisine. The notion of comfort traditionally associated with Italian cuisine is present in every dish, every bite, yet always with a subtle element of surprise. La Terrazza is open for casual, buffet-style breakfast and lunch with indoor or al fresco dining on the outdoor terrace. During the evening, the venue transforms into an à la carte Italian restaurant. Seating is limited for dinner and reservations are recommended.​

Connoisseur's Corner

Connoisseur’s Corner


The fine art of Kaiseki lies in its meticulous preparation and beautiful presentation. Dishes reflect a passion for tradition and performance and our reinterpretation of these values is clear. Balanced menus have been inspired by the five elements of Japanese nutritional cuisine and respect the equilibrium of yin and yang. Daytime menus feature a varied and balanced menu of sushi, sashimi and other raw Asian-inspired dishes, while the evenings are alive with the taste and traditions of fine Japanese dining.

Per guest reservation fee of US$40.


A sumptuous, intimate setting with a lively, joie de vivre ambience is the perfect place to dine, dance and dream the night away… Small plate tapas-style dishes of mouth-watering international cuisine perfectly compliment the rich, exciting entertainment as the smooth sounds of jazz and blues gently caress your ears. A refined late evening menu perfectly showcases the panache and style of Silver Dawn’s plentiful dining options, so expect multisensory fireworks as you swing and sway effortlessly across the dance floor as Silver Dawn gracefully takes you to your next destination.


Reflecting Silversea’s Italian heritage, this emblematic street in Naples divides the city in two and is renowned for its pizzerias. No visit to the city is complete without a journey to Spaccanapoli. Therefore it is unsurprising that Spaccanapoli aboard Silver Dawn reflects the true Italian way of life: the freshest ingredients, authentic dough and a perfect sense of the fabled Italian lust for life. The simplicity of la dolce vita is reflected in the relaxed dining style of the restaurant.



More choice of suite’s than ever before. Choose from a Vista Suite right up to an Owner’s Suite.

VISTA SUITE – 32 sqm

Comfortable, spacious and offering stupendous ocean views, the Vista Suite carries its name very well! Wake up to wide ocean views, breakfast to the sound of the waves lapping at the side of the ship or simply relax with the in-suite entertainment system and comfy sofas. Some Vista Suites are a little larger than standard – perfect for our guests with limited mobility. If you have ever wanted a home away from home on the high seas, the vista Suite is it.

Vista Suite

Vista Suite


Beautiful elegant furnishings are the perfect choice to soothe and relax as you sail from one destination to the next. Large windows flood the room with light, making for luxurious sea views whether it’s morning, noon or night! Panorama suites are the perfect accompaniment to a Silver Suite for larger parties, or just perfect on their own. With all the mod cons that you would expect from an ultra-luxury cruise line, Panorama Suites offer comfort, space and style!


A lower-bow location makes the Classic Veranda Suite a comfortable choice for travellers. A lovely comfortable bed – available in a twin or queen bed configuration – with a choice of mattress makes sure that you enjoy the best night’s sleep of your life, while the seating area is perfect for in-suite dining. But perhaps the Classic Veranda’s best feature lies outside the suite – with the 6m2 veranda for which the suite was named.


A superior location makes the Superior Veranda Suite, well … superior! From the sumptuous views from the teak veranda to the spacious sitting room and large marble bathroom, everything about the Superior Veranda has been designed for your comfort. So settle in and get comfortable, order some 24-hours room service from your butler and enjoy a bit of R&R. We guarantee you won’t want to leave.

Superior Verandah Suite

Superior Verandah Suite


After a busy day of on shore exploring, the Deluxe Veranda Suite is the perfect home away from home. Spacious and well-situated, enjoy ultra-luxury amenities from the 24-hour butler service to the well-stocked mini-bar (and yes, they’re all included!). Not forgetting the teak veranda from which the suite takes her name, the Deluxe Veranda is the perfect setting for making perfect memories.

SILVER SUITE – One bedroom 73 sqm / Two bedroom 104 sqm

A Silversea favourite and by far our best-selling suite! The Silver Suite is one of the foundations of ultra-luxury cruising. Take travelling to a whole new level with the Silver Suite’s unparalleled levels of service, comfort and of course style! Available in either a one bedroom, a two bedroom or wheelchair accessible configuration, Silver Suites are fully equipped for the discerning traveller. Whether enjoying the spectacular views from the veranda or relaxing in the large sitting room, Silver Suites offer a comfortable haven on the high seas.

ROYAL SUITE – One bedroom 105 sqm / Two bedroom 142 sqm

With just two Royal Suites on board, this stateroom is in a class all of its own! Spacious and dignified, commanding and majestic, there’s no secret to why we named this suite Royal. Ample indoor space with a living room (including state of the art entertainment systems), twin beds that can be joined upon demand and even an adjoining bedroom if required, the Royal Suite is the answer when travelling with the family! Not to mention unlimited Wi-Fi, a sumptuous marble bathroom and spacious teak veranda, the Royal Suite is fit for a king!

GRAND SUITE – One bedroom 137-146 sqm / Two bedroom – 174-183 sqm

A grand traveller needs a grand suite, and we are happy to oblige! Get ready to scale new heights of comfort in our ultra-luxury Grand Suite. Situated at the front of the ship for the most spectacular views, the Grand Suite is for travellers who like the finer things in life. A large veranda, furnished with sunbeds, makes for perfect memories. Indoors, the sumptuous seating area and cosy bedrooms are the very definition of relaxing in style.

Grand Suite

Grand Suite

OWNER’S SUITE – One bedroom 88-98 sqm / Two bedroom – 119-129 sqm

Available in a one or two bedroom configuration (so perfect for families) the Owner’s suite is the epitome of elegance at sea. A large seating area is the hub of the suite, equipped with all mod cons – think a Bose sound system, an interactive 55” TV and even an Illy coffee machine! Whether inside or relaxing on the large teak veranda, the Owner’s suite offers supreme comfort every hour of the day!

Owner's Suite

Owner’s Suite


Silversea announces the introduction of Otium, a new concept aimed at offering guests extreme moments of comfort. Enjoy unique onboard experiences of wellness, relaxation and indulgence through innovative treatments designed by our experts. Otium is a concept that permeates throughout the ship and can be enjoyed in the spa, in suite and in many more venues exclusively on board Silver Dawn.

Otium is a paradise of wellness that stretches far beyond your average spa. Otium is where you can relax and unwind, but also where you can enjoy world class treatments that make sure you look as amazing as you feel. Our Otium wellness spa has been designed by our experts to create signature moments that even Venus, the Roman goddess of beauty herself would envy. Rejuvenate with one of our luxury treatments, or visit us to simply relax and unwind, share a moment with like-minded travellers or enjoy a quiet immersive session all for yourself. Redefine the meaning of beauty with us. We look forward to welcoming you.

Otium Spa

Otium Spa

Our Spa’s space has been designed to complement your wellness experience. This begins in the central relaxation area, truly the hub of the spa, and permeates throughout the space. A visit here offers far more than simple treatments: Otium is a sensorial experience too. A soothing colour palette creates the perfect ambience for each area, while sophisticated materials heighten the feeling of holistic luxury. What’s more, bespoke artworks inspired by Ancient Rome is featured throughout the Spa, Beauty Salon and Fitness Center. Otium’s design creates a magical atmosphere that fuses 2,000 years of culture with innovative design.

Few things are more enjoyable than indulging in a wellness treatment, and in Otium Spa luxury awaits you. From completely customised treatments to traditional favourites that turn back the clock, we offer the best in looking good and feeling better. Enjoy supercharged facials to revitalise tired looking skin, blissful massages using Mediterranean inspired products and sumptuous treatments to soothe both body and mind. Personal training sessions, Yoga and Pilates complete the universal experience.

Booking Terms & Conditions

Advertised price based on 5 July 2025 departure in a Superior Veranda Suite cabin. Pricing is correct as of 8 July 2024, subject to availability at the time of booking. Offers may be withdrawn or prices updated by the supplier at any time, so please enquire with our expert consultants for the latest pricing, terms and conditions. Single supplement may also apply. *Bonus Savings – $3,000 savings per suite on Port-to-Port All-Inclusive fares when booked by 31 July 2024 – with a 15% reduced deposit.

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