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Ocean Cruise, Small Ship Cruise

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*For a limited time, Silversea are offering $3,000 off per suite on this Barcelona to Lisbon cruise on their new luxury ship, Silver Ray.

Silversea voyages are known for a seamless all-inclusive experience from ship to shore, including exceptional cuisine, fine wines and spirits, gratuities, and more on board, and complimentary shore excursions in every port of call (enquire for specific inclusions).

The Iberian Peninsula is one of our most coveted destinations. And this voyage – bookended by Barcelona and Lisbon – shows off some of its dazzling gems. Start with an overnight in Valencia, Spain’s beautiful city of daring design and deep traditions. Cartagena is next, then another overnight in Andalusia’s Malaga. Stretch your legs during a morning in Gibraltar then sail to Morocco for days in Casablanca and Tangier. An overnight stay in Cadiz ends your trip.

Silversea Cruises offer cruises for a wide range of dates and itineraries across the globe – ask one of our cruise experts today!

The Marquee

The Marquee

Included Items

All-Inclusive Benefits:
  • Butler service in every suite
  • Unlimited Free Wifi
  • Personalised service – nearly one crew member for every guest
  • Multiple restaurants, diverse cuisine, open-seating dining
  • Beverages in-suite and throughout the ship, including champagne, select wines and spirits
  • 24-hour dining service
  • Onboard entertainment
  • Fitness Centre
  • Complimentary transportation into town in most ports
  • Onboard gratuities

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Europe, Mediterranean

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Ocean Cruise, Small Ship Cruise


Barcelona to Lisbon

Barcelona to Lisbon

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The infinite variety of street life, the nooks and crannies of the medieval Barri Gòtic, the ceramic tile and stained glass of Art Nouveau facades, the art and music, the throb of street life, the food (ah, the food!)—one way or another, Barcelona will find a way to get your full attention.

The capital of Catalonia is a banquet for the senses, with its beguiling mix of ancient and modern architecture, tempting cafés and markets, and sun-drenched Mediterranean beaches. A stroll along La Rambla and through waterfront Barceloneta, as well as a tour of Gaudí’s majestic Sagrada Famíliaand his other unique creations, are part of a visit to Spain’s second-largest city. Modern art museums and chic shops call for attention, too. Barcelona’s vibe stays lively well into the night, when you can linger over regional wine and cuisine at buzzing tapas bars.

Sagrada Familia

Sagrada Familia


Valencia is a proud city. During the Civil War, it was the last seat of the Republican Loyalist government (1935–36), holding out against Franco’s National forces until the country fell to 40 years of dictatorship. Today it represents the essence of contemporary Spain—daring design and architecture along with experimental cuisine—but remains deeply conservative and proud of its traditions.

Though it faces the Mediterranean, Valencia’s history and geography have been defined most significantly by the River Turia and the fertile floodplain (huerta) that surrounds it. The city has been fiercely contested ever since it was founded by the Greeks. El Cid captured Valencia from the Moors in 1094 and won his strangest victory here in 1099: he died in the battle, but his corpse was strapped into his saddle and so frightened the besieging Moors that it caused their complete defeat. In 1102 his widow, Jimena, was forced to return the city to Moorish rule; Jaume I finally drove them out in 1238.


Modern Valencia was best known for its frequent disastrous floods until the River Turia was diverted to the south in the late 1950s. Since then the city has been on a steady course of urban beautification. The lovely bridges that once spanned the Turia look equally graceful spanning a wandering municipal park, and the spectacularly futuristic Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències (City of Arts and Sciences), most of it designed by Valencia-born architect Santiago Calatrava, has at last created an exciting architectural link between this river town and the Mediterranean. If you’re in Valencia, an excursion to Albufera Nature Park is a worthwhile day trip.




On the crossroads of mighty cultures, this Murcian port has endless ancient stories to share. A valuable natural harbour attracted many civilisations to this sun-bathed, southeasterly setting – following its foundation by the Carthaginians in 227 BC. Blending the imprints left by countless cultures on this global junction, the presence of everyone from the Vandals to the Phoenicians and Moors can be felt as you explore, walking between ruins and celebrated modernist architecture along Calle Mayor.

Cartagena is crowned by the soaring Castillo de la Concepcion – rise to the stout castle aboard a panoramic lift. Inside, look through reams of archaeological treasures, or admire the rolling views down over the port and across the waters. Watch out for the electric blue peacocks who strut flamboyantly. Cartagena’s emergence as a visitor destination coincided with a stunning discovery in 1988 – the bowl of a gloriously preserved Roman Theatre. Enter to sit among the grandiose ancient venue, so evocative, you can’t help but imagine the historic performances that have graced its stage.

Wander the breezy waterfront, looking across the narrow strait towards Africa’s distant haze, and spotting gleaming warships. Cartagena’s perfect harbour means it has been one of Spain’s oldest strategic navy positions since the 16th century. Settle to enjoy the joys of tapas in lively bars – sampling crisped paella, squid and honeyed-aubergine. Easter’s Semana Santa festivities are typically lively here, as hooded processions, lavish floats and sombre fiery displays roll through the streets.


Bathing in the sunshine coast’s stunning subtropical climate, and laying out endless spectacular beaches, it’s no surprise that Malaga is one of Spain’s most popular cities. The already impressive cultural appeal of this holiday city has skyrocketed over recent years, and with a storied old town and Moorish fortifications, Malaga has a lot to offer. Nearby, you can recline on the renowned beaches of the Costa del Sol, or venture inland to discover the Moorish treasures of Granada and Cordoba.

La Malagueta beach is Malaga’s spacious urban beach, perfect for a sunbathe and a dip in the warm water, before enjoying seaside cocktails or seafood tapas in the restaurants nearby. Malaga and the Costa del Sol may be best known for glorious weather and beaches, but Malaga can now stake a genuine claim as an artistic powerhouse too.


Visit the renowned Picasso museum – housed in the artist’s birthplace – before exploring the freshly opened outpost of the Pompidou Centre. The art also spills out onto the streets in the colourful Soho district – splashed with vibrant street paintings. Known as La Manquita – or the one-armed woman – the city’s cathedral rises over the historic old town. Its huge bell tower stands tall, but an accompanying second tower was never completed – hence the nickname.

The Alcazaba fortress palace looms over the waterfront and forms a spectacularly preserved remnant from the era when the Moors controlled the Andalucía region. Discover more of the Arabic influence by visiting Granada’s Alhambra palace, or Cordoba’s La Mezquita mosque. Together with Seville’s converted cathedral, the cities form Andalucía’s Golden Triangle of Moorish wonders.




A curious slice of Britain – picked up and plonked into the sun, sea and sand of southern Spain – Gibraltar is a unique and historic peninsula, crowned by the iconic Rock of Gibraltar mountain. Bright red phone boxes gleam, Union Jacks flutter in the breeze, and cones of fish and chips are scoffed in the sun in this most British of outposts. At times a surreal and strange juxtaposition, you can be gazing at the African shoreline from the beach one moment, and carefully treading across the runway of a crammed-in international airport the next. Gibraltar’s cathedral-like Rock towers 400 metres above the waves and the stark limestone mountain watches out across a narrow, strategic strait between the European and African continents. The pointed Rock is a symbol of this unique place, and you can hike it – or take the convenient cable car – to enjoy the views and meet the mischievous colony of Barbary macaques who live on its slopes. Europe’s only wild monkeys roam free and loose on the mountain – so be sure to hang onto your sunglasses and cameras.

The Siege Tunnels bring to life the struggles for this land, with the plucky British boring tunnels through the rock by hand, effectively converting it into a giant watchtower, capable of defending the distant territory. Natural caves inside droop with stalactites, while a squat Moorish castle stands proudly at its summit. Gibraltar packs a lot into this two and a half square miles of territory, which has fallen under British jurisdiction since 1713. Grand Casemates Square is a sunbathed plaza, and drizzly old Britain feels a world away, as you sit back and sip ice-cold beers and cocktails in Gibraltar’s historic centre.


Immortal lines from the silver screen may have imprinted a warm, fuzzy visage of old Casablanca into our minds, but this thriving city is a curious example of what Morocco’s modernity looks like. Glistening white art deco buildings line the wide pathways that sweep through Casablanca, as the sea sparkles like a thin mirage on the horizon. There’s an aura of creativity amid Casablanca’s culture and chaos, helping to make the city one of Morocco’s most curious and compelling.

The Hassan II Mosque took a staggering seven years and 10,000 artists to craft its legacy as the country’s largest mosque, and to bring the world’s tallest minaret to sky-high reality. A vision of cool to the touch marble, cavernous prayer rooms and intricate inlays, the mosque is extraordinary in scale and ambition. Retractable roofs let the sun flood in, while dizzying glass floors dazzle, and the blue Atlantic waves surge below your feet. After that humbling visit, stroll along La Corniche – where surfers glide across rough and tumble waves, and chic cafes offer front-row seats for sweet peppermint teas with a side of people-watching.

Casablanca is a diner’s city – boulevards laced with French-fusion restaurants, buzzy beachfront joints, and raw seafood bars provide gem-like offerings fresh from the boat. Those seeking a slice of that golden-age Hollywood romance can wander through the medina, with its unabashed ramshackle feel, and maze of alleyways punctuated with busy barber shops and butchers.




Set on the Maghreb coast, Tangier is Africa’s outstretched hand to Europe. With its bustling markets and lively waterfront, this city on Morroco’s north is an energetic and invigorating place and an exciting immersion into an incredible continent. The location, on the highly strategic narrowing of the Strait of Gibraltar, made Tangier a vital Phoenician trading town – and the resulting city is an invigorating mesh of cultures and curiosities. Part of the fun of Tangier is the well-rehearsed dance, as you dodge good-natured hawkers, and this is certainly a place to stroll with confidence and purpose. Delve into the mayhem of the walled Medina of Tangier for a rush of stimulation, as bartering and bantering echoes along the tight alleys.

Crowded, noisy and busy, you’ll be sold to with a smile as you wander between stands of colourful spices, dried fruits and fabrics in this authentic Moroccan marketplace. Refresh and escape the sun with a fresh orange juice – or a sip of mint tea. Close to the city, you can find the Caves of Hercules, a coastal hollow that opens at both ends. The Phoenicians cut a window in the shape of the African continent, which reveals views of the Atlantic’s waves, and legend says Hercules rested within its confines. From Tangier, you can also venture inland to the Rif Mountains, where gorgeous Chefchaouen – a village of bright blue alleyways – waits. Punctuated by blooming flowers, the entire town is a beautiful, moulded artwork of colour, spilling down the mountain like a waterfall.


More than a hundred watchtowers gaze out across the waves surrounding this ancient Andalusian city. Sprinkled with evocative cobbled side streets, you’ll explore 3,000 years’ worth of history, while stumbling across palm-tree lined plazas of shaded coffee sippers. Cadiz claims the mantle of Western Europe’s oldest city, and every piece of architecture – and every wrong turn – offers a chance to discover fascinating new tales. Founded by the Phoenicians in 1100BC, Christopher Columbus used the city as a base for his exploratory, map-defining voyages of 1493 and 1502.

The port grew in importance and wealth as Cadiz’s strategic location close to Africa’s northern tip helped it blossom into a centre for New World trade. Catedral de Cádiz, is a display of the city’s wealth and importance, looming spectacularly over the Atlantic’s waves, with cawing seagulls sweeping between its twin bell towers. Inside, treasures from the city’s trading exploits in the West Indies and beyond – which helped fuel the growth of this historically prosperous city – are on display.




Enveloped by ocean on almost every side, Cadiz has something of an island feel, and you can cool off from southern Spain’s unrelenting sunshine on the sweeping golden sand beach of Playa Victoria. The two towers of the new El Puente de la Constitución de 1812 mark a contemporary landmark in this most ancient of cities, in the form of a spectacular new road bridge.

Torre Tavira, meanwhile, is the most famous of Cadiz’s army of watchtowers, and the highest point in the city. Reach the top for a view of the ocean fringing the city’s expanse, and to learn about the towers – constructed so trading merchants could survey the harbour from their lavish homes. The Central Market is a chaotic place of bartering, where flashing knives dissect fresh fish. Stop in at the orbiting bars to enjoy tapas, freshly prepared with the market’s produce.


A glorious mosaic of beauty, freedom and authenticity, Portugal’s capital is a stirring artwork of a city. Known for the seven hills it spreads across, and its stirring fado music, Lisbon is a pastel-coloured blend of houses and beautiful tile artworks – and this creative city strikes a perfect harmony between natural and manmade beauty. Stroll along Alfama’s steep, cobbled streets as you explore one of the city’s oldest neighbourhoods – where each house and door could be its own photograph. Look for the decorative tiles, with the distinctive blues and whites of Azulejo ceramics, and visit the dedicated museum to learn more.

Afterwards, wind up to São Jorge Castle, where views out across Lisbon’s red rooftops unravel. Just one of many majestic viewpoints, you can also seek out Miradouro da Graça for perhaps Lisbon’s finest panorama, with the copper-coloured suspension bridge stretching over sparkling water beyond the sea of buildings. The elegant Tower of Belém rises in the Tagus estuary and is a historic defender of these shores. The grand, carved cloisters of Jerónimos Monastery spread out close by, and there’s another UNESCO recognised location close by at Sintra, where a colourful town is set amid thick gardens and towering mountains – capped by the royal Pena Palace. Later, relax and take a quick break to drink Ginjinha, a cherry liqueur made from chocolate cups instead of coffee. Lisboetas have a sweet tooth, and the famous Pastel de Nata’s crumbling pastry and caramelised-custard topping is the essential accompaniment to any coffee stop.



A new world of luxury on Silver Ray +

Get ready for Silver Ray. Silver Ray mirrors every aspect of her sister ship, Silver Nova, including a pioneering, asymmetrical design and extraordinary use of glass in both public areas and in suite for uninterrupted views wherever you are! What’s more, Silver Ray is one of the most spacious ships ever built, offering an exceptionally high space-to-guest ratio yet remaining nimble enough to offer purity in movement, as her name suggests.

Silver Ray preserves all our trademarks and delivers a new way of luxury cruising. Her revolutionary horizontal design ensures outstanding public areas, which fuse seamlessly together. Silver Ray will introduce a brand new selection of superb, spacious suites, many of which promise offer a 270˚ view from sea to sky. Eight restaurants and an unprecedented choice of bars complete the experience, offering delicious drinking and dining at any time of the day.

BUILT: 2024

Silver Ray

Silver Ray

As well as a wide range of restaurants, Silver Ray has multiple spacious public areas’ to choose from to spend your days at sea. Choose from The Pool Deck, The Dusk Bar, Arts Cafe, S.A.L.T. Bar, S.A.L.T. Lab, The Shelter, Dolce Vita, Panorama Lounge, Connoisseur’s Corner, Observation Lounge, The Venetian Loune, Atrium, Boutique, Otium Spa, Casino or the Fitness Centre.

The Dusk Bar


Prepare for an intimate and interactive dining experience like no other at the S.A.L.T. Chef’s Table. Indulge in a choreographed menu of small plates highlighting regional flavours and star ingredients, all accompanied by unique wines and cocktails.

Per guest reservation fee of U$180 (incl. complimentary wine & cocktail pairing). Reservations will be taken exclusively on board Silver Ray.


Are you hungry for something new? Eat your way through the places on your cruise in the S.A.L.T. Kitchen. Enjoy destination-inspired menus, including the Terrain menu, which offers recipes and flavours specific to the port visited, and the Voyage menu, which draws inspiration from the best flavours of the voyage. Pull up a chair and savour every taste of your cruise in a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere. S.A.L.T. Kitchen is the opportunity for all guests aboard Silver Ray to experience the very lifeblood of their destination.


Atlantide offers guests our quintessential dining experience. Combining contemporary elegance and hallmark Silversea service, this classic restaurant offers our signature fine dining. Atlantide is one of our best-loved eateries, and on Silver Ray we have given it an updated design. Large picture windows, sophisticated lighting design, plus a warm colour spectrum give Atlantide a blend of high-end and whispered luxury. The menu prides itself on superb ingredients and sublime flavour combinations, from caviar to lobster to gorgeous, melt in the mouth deserts.


La Terrazza is a celebration of the way Italians eat today, an ode to the delicious evolution of the world’s most beloved cuisine. Evolving one of Silversea’s signature restaurants, La Terrazza serves fresh twists on great classics, and also explores the new heroes of Italian cuisine. The notion of comfort traditionally associated with Italian cuisine is present in every dish, every bite, yet always with a subtle element of surprise. La Terrazza is open for casual, buffet-style breakfast and lunch with indoor or al fresco dining on the outdoor terrace. During the evening, the venue transforms into an à la carte Italian restaurant. Seating is limited for dinner and reservations are recommended.​


Indulge in new epitome of French fine dining aboard Silver Ray, where culinary heritage meets modern innovation. Immerse yourself in an exquisite gastronomic experience showcasing deep, balanced flavours, from curated tasting menus to à la carte selections paired with thoughtfully curated wine selection.

Per guest reservation fee of US$160 (incl. complimentary wine pairing).


Experience the harmony of flavours and aesthetics with our enhanced Kaiseki dining experience. Delight in the fusion of Washoku’s culinary heritage and health benefits, where each meticulously crafted dish is a work of art. Explore the depth and diversity of Japanese spirits with our exclusive selection of sake and Japanese whiskeys or savour a refreshing alternative from our delightful tea selection or cocktails.

Per guest reservation fee of US$80 (incl. complimentary sake, Japanese whiskeys or TWG tea and tea cocktails selection).


Where do you go if you want great food and a brilliant atmosphere in a relaxed and sophisticated setting? Silver Note of course! Harkening back to the old school days of dinner and dancing, this venue embodies a feeling of fun and sense of glamour that is unequalled in the industry. Jazz bands and soul singers play live as you sample delicate tapas style dishes with a gourmet twist. We guarantee a superlative night of entertainment in the gorgeously designed dinner venue.


The Marquee is our brand new outdoor dining venue, open from early morning until late evening. It is the perfect place to enjoy a healthy breakfast in the morning, including delicious plant-based and vegan options, or try out our signature dining concepts: The Grill and Spaccanapoli for lunch or dinner.


Silversea’s much-loved casual dining restaurants serves a delectable range of burgers and salads by day, and turns into our famous Hot Rocks table BBQ concept by night. Found in our brand new eating venue The Marquee, The Grill is quite simply, the best place to eat between sea and sky. If you like flavour some meals cooked to perfection, a casual laid back atmosphere and OMG views, then The Grill is the answer to your prayers.


Nothing says Italy quite as well as a hot, fresh pizza. Spaccanapoli is a slice of Naples, where you’ll taste deliciously thin, freshly made pizzas, topped with creamy mozzarella and minimalist toppings. The light and airy pizzeria forms part of our new al-fresco eatery The Marquee, and is the perfect choice for diners who want to be dazzled by our talented pizzaiolos spinning the dough in the open-air kitchen. Whether you want a light lunch or to share a slice with friends over an aperitivo, it’s always the right time for Spaccanapoli.

The Marquee

The Marquee


More choice of suite’s than ever before. Choose from a Classic Verandah Suite right up to an Otium Suite.


Located at the bow and aft of the ship, the Classic Veranda Suite will offer travellers a taste of our famous on board luxury. After a busy day of exploring, welcome home to the haven of the Classic Veranda Suite. With butler service, a queen size bed (which can be separated on demand) and beautiful marble bathroom, you won’t want to leave! However, the best part of our Classic Veranda suite is by far the large (5m2) private, teak veranda which offer sweeping views of the destination. Pure bliss.

Silver Ray Classic Verandah Suite

Silver Ray Classic Verandah Suite


Well situated at the front and back of the ship, the 28 m2 interior of the Veranda Suite is only the beginning. The 5m2 teak balcony makes each spectacular sunset feel like it is yours alone. From beautiful bed linens to sumptuous furniture, our Superior Veranda suites are luxurious inside and out! Whether enjoying some down time with the state of the art entertainment system or taking in dinner in-suite, the Superior Veranda is the cosiest home away from home on the high seas.

DELUXE VERANDAH SUITE – 33sqmWhether you are preparing for a dynamic day on shore, primping for a romantic dinner on board, or settling down for a quiet evening in-suite, you will be enveloped by the Deluxe Veranda Suite’s warm touches. Located in the ideal mid-ship position, the Deluxe Veranda Suite offers a comfortable 33 m2 of interior luxury. But perhaps this suite’s finest asset lies just outside, as floor-to-ceiling glass doors open onto a furnished private teak 5 m2 veranda offering sweeping views of your destination.


A Silversea signature, the Veranda Suite offers elegant décor, a stunning marbled bathroom with a luxurious double vanity and sumptuous walk-in shower or large bathtub. Located now in the top aft location, the Premium Veranda will offer a comfortable interior. Additionally, an ample sitting area provides a generous expanse of interior comforts. Four suites (one on each deck) will offer spacious interiors adapted for guests with disabilities which will be located in the ideal mid-ship position. A new iteration of our iconic and perfect suite configuration.


A mark of distinction, the Medallion Suite boasts a sumptuous and spacious living area, complete with rich textures and panoramic views from your large private veranda (8 m2 or 86 sq. ft.) Nestle up under plush bed linens for one of the best night’s sleep of your life, or rejuvenate after a busy day of exploring onshore in the cosy indoor sitting area (49 m2 or 527 sq. ft.) The large bathroom with double vanity, spacious bathtub and shower is the perfect place to soak the day away. Relax with ease in the Medallion Suite, as the grandeurs of this stateroom surround you with distinguished luxury.

Silver Ray Medallion Suite

Silver Ray Medallion Suite


With features similar to our best-selling Medallion Suite, the Premium Medallion has an optimal placement at the aft. The Medallion Suite design builds on the phenomenal success of our iconic Veranda suite, while offering the comfort of a generous interior and balcony (49 m2/527 sq. ft. and 8 m2/86 sq. ft respectively). Additionally, the suite features a large bathroom with a double vanity, a spacious bathtub and separate shower, as well as a secluded bedroom area with queen-size bed.


Silver Ray’s Junior Grand Suite is a comfortably sized home away from home. Spaciously proportioned at 54-58 m2 or 581-624 sq. ft, including 6 m2 or 64 sq. ft of balcony, the Junior Grand builds on the success of the Grand Suite. It has inherited the best features of the Grand Suite by being positioned in the top bow position, offering spectacular views of the destination. The interior layout features a spacious living and dining area, as well as a secluded bedroom. The large bathroom features a double vanity, whirlpool and walk-in shower.

Silver Ray Junior Grand Suite

Silver Ray Junior Grand Suite

SILVER SUITE – One bedroom 63 sqm / Two bedroom 96sqm

The Silver Suite is a Silversea favourite. It’s one of the Venetian Society’s favourite choices, and we can see why! The Silver Suite aboard Silver Ray offers an innovative design layout that will unlock full sea views from both the living room and bedroom, while the spacious living area allows for comfortable relaxing. A generous dining area makes cosy nights dining in veritable experiences in themselves. The suite features a generous walk-in closet as well as a bathroom with whirlpool bath, a walk-in shower, double vanity and separate lavatory.

MASTER SUITE – One bedroom 67-77sqm / Two bedroom 100-110sqm

This new suite category is exclusive to Silver Ray. The Master Suite is stately, commanding and majestic and perfect for relaxing after a days’ exploring on shore. Located in the premium aft corner position, the Master Suite has a total size: 67-77 m2 (721-826 sq. ft) and includes 22-31m2 (233-330 sq. ft.) of balcony. The incredible floor-to-ceiling glazing surrounding the living room and bedroom area will offer outstanding 270° views on your destination, regardless of whether you are in the world.

GRAND SUITE – One bedroom 85sqm / Two bedroom – 118sqm

If you have ever wanted to indulge in one of our epitomes of ultra-luxury cruising, then the Grand Suite is perhaps the answer. Situated at the front of the ship, the Grand Suite offers sophistication and style for serious travellers. Thanks to an innovative design, the Grand Suite is one of the most luxurious and spacious suites aboard Silver Ray, offering sweeping sea to sky views on your destination from all living areas. A luxurious bathroom with double vanity, whirlpool and walk-in shower, plus a guest restroom complete.

OWNER’S SUITE – One bedroom 98sqm / Two bedroom – 131sqm

The eponymous Owner’s Suite is a Venetian Society favourite. So, why not travel in this stylish suite and get a taste of the ultimate in luxury lifestyle. The suite’s total size is a huge 98 m2 or 1055 sq. ft., which includes 16 m2 (172 sq. ft.) of balcony making for comfortable outdoor living. The favourite mid ship position gives incredible views from both the dining area and bedroom. A luxurious bathroom with double vanity, plus a whirlpool and walk-in shower, bidet, lavatory and guest restroom perfect the in-suite experience.

OTIUM SUITE – 123 sqm

The Otium Suite is one of our newest and finest suites. Located in the premium aft corner position, the Otium Suite has a total size of 123 m2 (1,324 sq. ft.), including a 40 m2 (431 sq. ft.) balcony, which comes complete with a whirlpool. Features include a spacious living room area, a luxurious walk-in closet, a separate large bedroom, plus a bathroom with a whirlpool and walk-in shower. The crowning glory of the Otium Suite however must surely be its unprecedented 270 degree view, giving you some of the best views of your destination possible.

The Otium Suite includes an Otium Spa Treatment Per Guest up to 399$ (up to 2 guests per suite)

Silver Ray OTIUM Suite

Silver Ray OTIUM Suite

Booking Terms & Conditions

Advertised price based on 23 November 2024 departure in a Superior Veranda Suite cabin. Pricing is correct as of 8 July 2024, subject to availability at the time of booking. Offers may be withdrawn or prices updated by the supplier at any time, so please enquire with our expert consultants for the latest pricing, terms and conditions. Single supplement may also apply. *Reasons to Sail with Silversea – $3,000 savings per suite on Port-to-Port All-Inclusive fares when booked by 31 July 2024 – with a 15% reduced deposit.

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