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Embrace the next era of luxury ocean travel with Explora Journeys. Redefining everything you think you know about luxury cruising, this truly unique operator seamlessly combines immersive, destination-led discovery with an onboard experience that takes cues from the world's finest hotels.

Our team of experts here at Flat Beds Tour + Cruise are available to package your Explored Journeys cruise with return airfares, allowing you to unlock exclusive discounts you won't find anywhere online. Begin your journey in luxury ocean travel by viewing our top Explora Journeys deals.

Unforgettable Explora Journeys

Explora Journeys offers both luxurious and spacious ocean front suites. With a range of 461 suites, penthouses and residences, they are designed with European elegance and comfort in mind. The dining experience on board is characterised by global influences, offering a variety of restaurants, bars, lounges and even private terraces. 

The lounging experience provides a perfect blend of vibrancy and privacy across the ships 12 indoor and outdoor bars and lounges, featuring exclusive wine whisky and spirit tastings, cocktail making masterclasses and wine themes destination experiences. The whole experience is designed to cater to multi-generational journeys, with connecting suites, a Nautilus Club for young guests and curates destination experiences designed to suit the whole family. 

Our Top Explora Journeys Deals

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Our experienced consultants are able to combine your cruise with return airfares so you can save!

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