Viking Mani Review

The Viking Mani is one of Viking Cruises’ most notable Longships. It’s a comfortable casual ambience and avoids aiming for glitz and wow factor of oceangoing mega-ships. Being able to accommodate 190 passengers and 52 crew, you’ll experience 37 shore excursions around Europe as you sail from Basel to Amsterdam.

The riverboat is decorated simply, in the tones of beige, blue and cream. With glass virtually everywhere, there is plenty of natural light that flows through the ship. Natural wood also makes up a big part of the decor, with a nice touch in the main dining room, where a wall of woven wood gives the illusion of an old wooden Norse Viking ship.

Fresh flowers are found throughout the ship along with artwork, with a huge piece being displayed atop the staircase of the atrium. The huge modern painting depicting a moon and a Viking amid a cacophony of colours is hard to miss. The painting is a nod to the Norse moon god, Mani, for which the ship is named. 

While all of Viking’s Longships are almost identical, the art on each of the different ships is linked to the god tied to the name of the ship. On Mani, you’ll also find pieces related to the moon.

Viking Mani Design

The ship is expertly designed, with plenty of spaces indoors and out to spread everyone onboard. With the Longships, Viking created even more room for passengers by blunting each riverboat’s nose, a traditionally long, narrow and mostly unusable space. This allows for this space to be opened up and transformed into the Aquavit Terrace. This is something that is exclusive to the company as they have patented the design.

The outdoor terrace design means you can sit outdoors and take in the serene views. This also flows into indoor seating, separate by a glass door that can be closed if needed. The eatery leading onto this area is a great casual spot for lunch or dinner if you’re looking to relax.

The Crew And Service Experience

The crew onboard proved to be exceptional and quickly learned the details of all the passengers. Greeting them all by name and knowing their cabin number without even asking were qualities that made the journey exceptional. Service in the restaurant was quick without being rushed and accommodating without being intrusive. There were small touches that made the cruise experience great. Bottled water was handed out as passengers headed to port, while towels were provided when they returned.

Dress Code On The Viking Mani

Casual, comfortable attire is encouraged for both ship and shore on Viking Longships. As the ship sails in Europe, tours frequently involve cobblestones and other uneven surfaces over the historic landscapes. Due to this, comfortable footwear is recommended for shore excursions. Shorts during Summer and jeans anytime are the norm for both men and women.

Passengers do “dress up” to varying degrees for the evenings, but not to the extent of a big ship formal night. The attire in the evenings is mostly what you would wear to a nice restaurant on land, while some passengers don’t bother to change and just wear a casual day outfit. A good idea is to save you best outfits for events like the captain’s welcome and farewell dinners.

Viking Mani Destinations

Viking Mani cruises to Basel, Strasburg, Speyer, Koblenz, Cologne and Amsterdam

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