Le Lyrial By Abercrombie & Kent Antarctica Cruise Review

An Abercrombie & Kent Antarctica cruise offers the opportunity to experience the world’s most pristine region at its very best on board the comfortable and sophisticated Le Lyrial. Enjoy its blue palette inspired by the Vega star, all-balcony staterooms and suites, and the finest expedition staff cruising the Southern Ocean today.

On Board Experience

With the ability to carry more than 264 passengers to other destinations, her capacity is limited to just 199 when cruising to Antarctica. By having fewer passengers on board this allows for more shore excursions each day and cabins with private balconies for every guest. Having the option to relax in the on-board spa or take a dip in the outdoor pool with panoramic ocean views to the horizon, you’ll experience nothing but luxury.

Le Lyrial Common Spaces

A selection of gourmet and international cuisine is offered by the two on-board restaurants, while the airy communal areas provide a good mix of quiet corners and sociable spaces. Enjoy a series of talks by leading experts about your natural surroundings by day, then by night, the Club Lounge and the Theatre offer a variety of live music shows and films.

Le Lyrial Dining Space

Abercrombie & Kent Antarctica Cruise Features

Additional features include a fitness center, full service salon with spa and steam room, 24-hour room service, two lounges with bars and multiple outer deck observation areas. The sophisticated design, innovative marine technology and convenient layout aided by three passenger elevators are also among Le Lyrial’s many features.

In keeping with Abercrombie & Kent’s longstanding commitment to environmental conversation, Le Lyrial is equipped with the most eco-friendly technology available. Along with this it is outfitted with a technologically advanced stabilizing system to minimise the effects of rough conditions and help keep passengers comfortable at all times.

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