Viking Adds 23 New Ships To Challenge The World’s Largest

Viking will expand its fleet with 23 new ships by 2030 in a major drive to cement its position as the world’s leading cruise line.

Aiming to add 13 new river ships by 2026 and 10 new ocean ships by 2023, this will take its total fleet up to 115, from its current 92. This will challenge Carnival Cruise Lines which currently has over 100 vessels in ten different cruise line brands.

Viking will have an increased fleet of its longships across Europe, Egypt, Mekong and Mississippi rivers, along with two new expedition ships and 10 new ocean ships. These will all follow Viking’s minimalistic and Scandi-chic style that is currently reflect onboard its existing ships.

Viking Buffet

The expansion will allow an increase in choice across a number of different itineraries for guests. Michelle Black, Viking ANZ Managing Director recently said “With the same layout and small ship design features as their sister ships, we have the capacity to take more guests to the places the bigger ships cannot.”

“The identical ships offer familiarity to our guests with all-veranda staterooms, understated elegance and Scandinavian design in line with their sister ships, which will deliver the quality and consistency in experience that’s expected from our guests.”

Viking Star Aquavit Terrace Ocean Cruise

Currently offering 174 itineraries ranging from 8 to 180 days with 102 ocean voyages 41 river and 30 expedition journeys across Europe Oceania Southeast Asia, North and South America, the Arctic and Antarctica.

New itinerary highlights will include Grand South Pacific & Australia, Jewels of Australia & Asia, Asia to Europe Grand Passage, India and Europe Grand Passage and Australia, Asia & the Mediterranean.

What Are The Itineraries On The New Viking Ships?

Grand South Pacific & Australia – Los Angeles to Sydney – 40-days
Cosmopolitan Los Angeles heads straight for Hawaii, before traversing the blue waters of the South Pacific Ocean to French Polynesia. Delve into indigenous cultures and discover these beautiful islands. Tour the eastern side of New Zealand before cruising the Tasman Sea and Australian coastline into Sydney.

Jewels of Australia & Asia – Sydney to Singapore – 28-days
Witness an ever-changing landscape of modern cities and natural wonders. Begin in Sydney, before traversing charming seaside towns and pristine islands. Immerse in nature in Komodo National Park, explore Indonesia’s temples and Bali’s iconic and hidden treasures. Travel Ho Chi Minh City’s bustling streets and relax on Thailand’s white sandy beaches before reaching cosmopolitan Singapore.

Asia to Europe Grand Passage– Sydney to London – 55-days
A maritime odyssey and tapestry of cultures and landscapes. Discover Sri Lanka’s colonial history and Goa’s Portuguese heritage. Experience the Levant’s ancient ports, Istanbul’s Byzantine treasures, the “birthplace of democracy” in Athens, and Rome, the “Eternal City.” Admire Barcelona’s iconic architecture, Paris’s romantic ambience and London’s royal past.

India and Europe Grand Passage – Mumbai to Barcelona – 35-days
Traverse age-old trade routes of the Mediterranean and Arabian Seas. Sail along France’s southern coast, explore Italy’s Renaissance treasures and discover Athens, the “birthplace of democracy.” Explore ancient civilisations and indulge in the rich hospitality and desert landscapes of Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Oman, before enjoying lively culture in Mumbai.

Australia, Asia & the Mediterranean – Sydney to Barcelona – 85-days
Embark on a journey to 48 ports across Europe, Asia and Australia. Immerse in France’s scenic southern coast, Catalonian and Tuscan art, the ancient history of Greece, Israel and Egypt, and the cultural diversity of Singapore and Java. Discover Komodo National Park, charismatic Darwin and cosmopolitan Brisbane. Overnights in Bangkok, Mumbai and Venice.

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