Inside Explora Journeys Explora I

When Explora Journeys launch the Explora I later this month they hope to fill the gap in the luxury cruise market by delivering a unique experience for the discerning traveller. The parent company MSC Group have reflected this vision in all aspects of the cruise line’s operations, particularly the interior design.

The goal is to connect guests with the sea, other like-minded individuals and themselves by creating a unique ‘ocean state of mind’ while taking their guests on unforgettable journeys and itineraries that combine favourite destinations with lesser-travelled ports.

Explora Journeys will have a fleet of six luxury ships with the first being launched this year, and aims to complete the fleet by 2028. Each ship will be designed to stimulate guests’ senses and enhance their connection with the ocean.

Explora 1, the first of the six ships has been designed in a luxurious European style that emulates the high standard of luxury ocean travel but also luxury resorts and retreats on land. Explora Journeys believe this will put the Explora I in a category of its own, bringing together onboard and onshore luxury experiences.

With sleek and modern interiors, 12 bars and lounges, and six signature restaurants guests will experience a vibrant atmosphere often associated with some of the world’s finest luxury hotels, restaurants and bars.

Inside the ship guests will have a sense of spaciousness in both the public areas and in their rooms, with an average of 18.4 square metres of space per guest. Explora I boasts fourteen decks with ample indoor and outdoor space to give guests the choice to create areas of quiet seclusion and privacy including 64 private cabanas across three outdoor pools. Inside there is a sense of freedom throughout the ship with the public spaces designed to create a smooth flow for guests and a fourth pool with a retractable glass roof to allow guests to relax in any weather.

Suites offer an average of 42 square metres space, while the penthouses, residences and 461 oceanfront suites also include a private terrace. The guest rooms have been designed with materials, products and colours that evoke a harmonious and peaceful atmosphere, with the very best of Italian and European furniture. Suite terraces have been furnished by the world’s leading outdoor furniture brands, everything on the Explora I is marked by the core values of tradition, quality, durability and reliability, all supported by research and innovation.

One of the main brand pillars of the brand is ‘Respect’ which guests can see in every aspect onboard including the overall impact on the environment. Explora Journeys CEO says “One of our brand pillars is ‘Respect’ and this applies to everything we do, as well as the planet and the people we interact with,” he says. “It is no longer enough to avoid making a negative impact on the environment and we are focused on effective sustainability planning, maximising social and economic benefits for the local communities our ships will visit, enhancing cultural heritage, beyond just reducing any negative impact. Conscious luxury is reflected in the choice of materials, and our commitment to sustainability is demonstrated in our dedication to responsible sourcing of materials and the inclusion of eco-friendly details such as refillable bathroom amenities and no single-use plastic onboard.”

The Explora I will make its maiden voyage from Southampton later this year, giving guests the chance to experience the unique and luxurious environment aimed at helping those onboard embrace the ‘ocean state of mind’. To find out more about Explora Journeys or to book your next experience contact our team of Flat Bed Travel Experts.
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