Emerald Kaia Superyacht Sun Deck

Emerald Cruises Launches New Superyacht: Emerald Kaia

Introducing Emerald Cruises latest Superyacht: Emerald Kaia. This next-generation vessel marks a significant milestone for the renown cruise line, emphasising the pinnacle of luxury small-ship cruising.

Scheduled to embark on its maiden voyage in April 2026, Emerald Kaia promises cruisers to fully embody the superyacht lifestyle as well as enjoy the luxury of more generously-sized spaces onboard at the same time.

Emerald Cruises Emerald Kaia Launching 2026

Emerald Cruises Emerald Kaia Launching 2026

What Can We Look Forward To?

With a capacity of 128 passengers, Emerald Cruises’ new superyacht will have a larger guest capacity than its two predecessors, Emerald Sakara & Emerald Azzurra.  

The Australian-based company’s aim for Emerald Kaia, was to combine extensive facilities but still keep the atmosphere onboard, intimate, and retain that small-ship cruising feel. 

Guests can look forward to reimagined Sky Deck cabanas, indoor/outdoor sun and pool lounges and a gym where you train inside or outside and can go for a dip in the sea after your session. 

Emerald Kaia will also have a spa and three dining options onboard as well as 3 swimming holes on the decks of the superyacht. 

Emerald Kaia Emerald Cruises New Superyacht

Emerald Kaia Emerald Cruises New Superyacht

Emerald Cruises Luxurious Upgraded Amenities

Emerald Kaia sets a new standard in luxury with its array of lavish amenities and spacious accommodations. 

Guests can enjoy even larger-sized suites and staterooms. The Owner’s Suites at 1,407 sq. ft. will now feature a Spa Pool on the private terrace. 

The Yacht Suites are more spacious at 879 sq. ft. and will include a wraparound terrace. 

The Terrace Suites at 830 sq. ft. also includes a wraparound terrace and the Balcony Suites & Oceanview Staterooms will be bigger in size at 340 sq. ft. 

Emerald Kaia Owner's Suite

Emerald Kaia Owner’s Suite

Emerald Kaia: Water Platform

A highlight of the Emerald Kaia includes their water platform – attached to the outside part of the gym facilities. 

This will be a great spot for guests to paddle board from, swim or just get closer to the water without needing to disembark the ship. 

With upcoming itineraries of Mediterranean, Adriatic, and Aegean seas, this is a great feature included for the 2026 European summer.

Emerald Cruises Emerald Kaia Water Platform

Emerald Cruises Emerald Kaia Water Platform

Culinary Excellence Onboard with Emerald Cruises

Culinary enthusiasts aboard Emerald Kaia will delight in a gourmet journey like no other. 

The superyacht’s dining options cater to every palate, from the signature dishes served at La Cucina to the exclusive Asian-inspired experience of the Night Market Grill. 

La Cucina is the signature restaurant on Emerald Kaia where guests can enjoy gourmet dinners, breakfasts and lunches. An open-planned kitchen allows cruisers to watch the chefs in action as they have their meals freshly prepared in front of them.

Accommodating exclusively to just 8 guests at a time, the Night Market Grill is a private dining experience where the chef will cook in front of the guests – teppanyaki style.

With expanded dining terraces and intimate settings, Emerald Cruise passengers aboard Emerald Kaia can savour exquisite flavours while enjoying the views of the open sea.

Emerald Kaia La Cucina Signature Restaurant

Emerald Kaia La Cucina Signature Restaurant

Adventure And Wellness

For those seeking adventure and relaxation, Emerald Kaia offers an array of wellness and recreational activities. 

The reimagined Marina wellness centre provides a haven for rejuvenation, complete with expanded water sport facilities and outdoor workout spaces. 

Whether exploring serene coastal towns or diving into the crystal clear waters of the Seychelles, guests will embark on a journey of discovery and well-being aboard Emerald Cruises new superyacht.

Emerald Cruises Emerald Kaia Gym

Emerald Cruises Emerald Kaia Gym

We Can’t Wait!

Emerald Cruises continues to raise the bar in luxury cruising with the launch of Emerald Kaia. As the newest addition to their prestigious fleet, this visionary superyacht epitomises elegance, innovation, and unparalleled service. Whether basking in the sun on the Observation Sun Deck or indulging in gourmet cuisine at La Cucina, guests aboard Emerald Kaia are in for a truly unforgettable journey.

Emerald Cruises Emerald Kaia Deck

Emerald Cruises Emerald Kaia Deck

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