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Explora Journeys Total Luxury Offer – Book by 29 Feb 2024 and enjoy – 20% value savings, plus EUR400 Journey Experience Credit and 10% reduced deposit.

Embark on a 10-night odyssey of luxury and exploration with Explora Journeys, setting sail from the mesmerising city of Istanbul and culminating in the enchanting beauty of Venice. This cruise offers a perfect blend of rich history, sun-soaked landscapes, and vibrant cultures. Immerse yourself in the allure of Istanbul, where ancient history meets contemporary elegance. Explore the charming islands of Santorini and Crete, known for the medieval charm and crystal-clear waters. Your journey finishes with an exploration of Italian ports before disembarking in Fusina (Venice)


Explora Journeys View

Explora Journeys View From Ship

Included Items

  • In-suite welcome bottle of champagne upon arrival
  • A bottle of wine and a bottle of spirit of the guests’ choice upon arrival
  • Authentic, cultured and intuitive service from our team of hospitality experts
  • Nine distinct culinary experiences, including in-suite dining
  • Unlimited beverages, fine wines and premium spirits, speciality coffees, teas and soft drinks available anytime, including in-suite mini-bar*
  • Access to the spa thermal area
  • Wellbeing and fitness programmes on board and at the destinations
  • All on-board gratuities
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi throughout the ship**
  • Shuttle services from port to city centre (where required/available)
Additional inclusions and services apply to our Ocean Penthouse and Ocean Residence categories. * For fine wine and spirits connoisseurs or those wishing to elevate their experience or celebrate a special occasion, an ultra-exquisite selection of wines, spirits, and liqueurs, will also be available for an additional fee. ** Complimentary Wi-Fi is available in suites and public areas for unlimited web browsing, emails, social media, messengers, and voice and video calls. 


Explora Journeys Istanbul to Venice Map

More Information


The Fusion of Istanbul
Port: Istanbul Arrival Method: DOCK
Departure: 21:00

Istanbul is a modern fusion of Asia and Europe. Hop a ferry to Asia or sink into a Turkish Bath and then go and find eternal peace inside mosques, palaces and bazaars.


The Fusion of Istanbul
Port: Istanbul Arrival Method: DOCK
Departure: 23:00

Istanbul is a modern fusion of Asia and Europe. Hop a ferry to Asia or sink into a Turkish Bath and then go and find eternal peace inside mosques, palaces and bazaars.



The iconic Santorini, done differently
Port: Santorini Arrival Method: DOCK
Arrival: 08:00 Departure: 20:00

Sail into Santorini to enjoy not one but two sunset celebrations. Explore cliff-hanging Oia and Fira. Roam white beaches, black lava, blue-domed churches and encircling sapphire sea.


Chania’s Cradle of Civilisation
Port: Chania, Crete Arrival Method:
Arrival: 10:00 Departure: 20:00

History creeps around every corner in charming Chania, Cretan crossroads where Venetian houses abut Byzantine temples and
centuries-old churches nestle among cobbled backstreets.



Gallipoli Grandeur
Port: Gallipoli Arrival Method:
Arrival: 09:00 Departure: 18:00

Immerse yourself in the tranquil charm of Gallipoli, Italy, nestled on the sun-drenched shores of the Ionian Sea. Wander through the historic Old Town, where narrow alleys lead to picturesque sea views. Explore the ancient walls of the Angevin Castle and the Baroque beauty of the Cathedral of Saint Agatha. Indulge in the flavours of local cuisine at seaside trattorias. Gallipoli, with its blend of history and coastal allure, invites you to savour the essence of Puglian hospitality. From historic landmarks to turquoise waters, every moment in Gallipoli is a testament to the serene beauty of the Italian coast.


Distinctive Dubrovnik
Port: Dubrovnik Arrival Method: DOCK
Arrival: 09:00 Departure: 18:00

Marvel at a medieval walled city paved with a wealth of aristocratic palazzi, ancient forts and epic Adriatic views. It’s no wonder the glitterati flock to the strength of this charming Dalmatian town.


Ancona Elegance, Seaside Charms of Italy
Port: Ancona Arrival Method:
Arrival: 10:00 Departure: 19:00

Immerse yourself in the coastal allure of Ancona, Italy. Wander through historic streets adorned with pastel-hued buildings, leading to the panoramic beauty of the Cathedral of San Ciriaco. Revel in the bustling energy of the Piazza del Plebiscito, where local life unfolds against a backdrop of architectural splendour. The town, with its maritime heritage and cultural richness, invites you to explore its seaside charms. From the serene harbour to the welcoming cafes, each moment in Ancona unfolds as a graceful dance between history and the enchanting Adriatic ambiance.


Trieste Reverie
Port: Trieste Arrival Method:
Arrival: 09:00 Departure: 22:00

Discover the maritime elegance of Trieste, Italy, nestled along the Adriatic coast. Meander through the charming Piazza Unità d'Italia, Europe's largest seaside square, framed by grand neoclassical buildings. Explore the historic Castello di Miramare, perched on the cliffs with panoramic sea views. Immerse yourself in the cultural richness of the Teatro Romano and the Cathedral of San Giusto. With its blend of Austro-Hungarian heritage and Italian flair, Trieste invites you to unravel the tapestry of its coastal charm. From literary cafes to seafront promenades, every corner of Trieste resonates with the allure
of Northern Italian elegance.


Waltz into Venice
Port: Fusina Arrival Method:
Arrival: 08:00

Waltz into a floating city of treasures to delve into ancient palaces, museums, century-old galleries and modern-day exhibits. You’re only ever moments from a place of beauty

The ocean relaxes you and creates an energy in you that inspires inner and outer discovery, broadens horizons and triggers new connections. The ocean connects you with yourself, people and the places around you. We call it the Ocean State of Mind. A state of mind inspired by the blue waters of our seas and oceans. A state of mind that has helped create Explora Journeys. One that is characterised by calm, unity, elegance and joy, that encourages inner and outer exploration and discovery.

EXPLORA I, the first of six luxury best-in-class ships, will set sail in 2023, with the remaining ships ready to set sail in 2024, 2025 and 2026. Immerse yourself in all of the detail behind the Explora Journeys ships, from design and architecture, to safety and technology features.

Ship Highlights:

First of its kind

  • Length: 248m (~813ft)
  • Tonnage: 63,900 GT
  • Guests per hosts ratio 1.25 : 1

Explora I and II feature 461 Ocean front Suites:

  • 1 Owner’s Residence
  • 22 Ocean Residences
  • 67 Ocean Penthouses
  • 371 Ocean Terrace and Ocean Grand Terrace Suites

82 of our suites are multi-generation-friendly connecting suites.

Travel The World, And Taste It.

Nine distinct inclusive culinary experiences focused on healthy, delicious food from local, sustainable sources.

Passion For Authenticity, Provenance And Wholesome Ingredients.

Worldly, sophisticated, and well-travelled, with European panache, our culinary and beverage experts bring together an abundance of experience and artistry to the curation of immersive dining experiences. Our team brings enthusiasm for provenance along with a plethora of stories about the rare ingredients, which are hand-selected just for Explora Journeys.

Throughout the year, wine selections will reflect the regional areas where the ship sails, while offering favourite grape varietals including French Chenin Blanc, Pinot Grigio, New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, Australian Shiraz, and Nebbiolo. Sommeliers will constantly source boutique wine labels to build an inspiring menu with truly interesting choices and very rare bottles.

  • Private terraces which are amongst the largest in the category
  • Large floor-to-ceiling windows with elegant interiors
  • Spacious walk-in wardrobe with a seated vanity area

  • Hybrid-ready energy solutions
  • Waste-management and energy-saving solutions
  • No single-plastic used on-board and ashore

  • Three outdoor pools and one indoor pool with retractable glass roof
  • 64 private cabanas
  • Several indoor and outdoor whirlpools
  • Poolside dining and lounging


Lounge & Be Entertained

  • Ten indoor and outdoor bar and lounge experiences with curated entertainment and intimate performances
  • Casino, art gallery and curated shopping experiences

Holistic Wellness & Fitness

  • Over 700 sq m (7,500 sq ft) of indoor and outdoor wellness facilities
  • Over 270 sq m (2,900 sq ft) of fitness facilities with the latest equipment


Booking Terms & Conditions

Advertised price based on 14 night Explora Journeys cruise from Istanbul to Venice departing 08 October 2025 in a category Ocean Suite cabin. Price includes the 30% off ‘exclusive savings deal’ and EUR400 Journey credit – book by 29 Feb 2024

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