Why Small Ship Cruising Is Rising In Popularity

Small ship cruising offers a multitude of advantages. The biggest being the personalised service on small ships, making it an appealing choice for travellers seeking a unique and immersive vacation experience. With a lower passenger count, the crew are able to get to know each guest, allowing a sense of being valued and cared for throughout the journey. This personalised attention creates a welcoming and intimate atmosphere. Other benefits of small ship cruising are:

1. Personalised Service

With fewer passengers on board, the crew has the opportunity to truly get to know each guest. This means you’ll receive a personalised service from a dedicated crew that cares about each individual on board.

2. Unique Location Visits

A smaller ship means more unique opportunity to visit locations unable to be reached by larger ships. Dock in hidden harbours, explore relatively untouched beaches and wander around rural towns on the outskirts of bustling international cities. You’ll be able to find hidden gems you may never have had the opportunity to visit otherwise.

3. Authentic Destination Experiences

Because of small ships unique ability to dock in more secluded locations, they allow you to explore your destinations away from the influence of tourism. Head off the beaten path to fully immerse yourself in historic sites.

4. Cultural Immersion

Instead of just stopping at a location, step deep into the heart of the destination. Whether you want to witness the must-see sights or enjoy exclusive, once-in-a-lifetime experiences, a small cruise line offers excursions like no other.

5. Learn From Local Experts

Learn from local tour guides in small excursion groups that allow you to interact with your guide. Whether being on board or off, you’ll have the ability to learn directly from those that know the region best.

6. Eat Locally-Inspired Meals

Food provides some of the best insights into new cultures. While on the ship enjoy an immersive experience with thoughtfully crafted menus from locally inspired dishes. With fewer plates to prepare, chefs have the freedom and time to cater exquisite cuisine.

7. Dock Closer To Your Destination

Rather than docking far away from your destination, you can often sail straight into port. This versatility means you’ll have the ability to sail closer and experience more awe-inspiring destinations, ones which aren’t available on larger cruise ships.

8. Sail In An Intimate, Welcome Ambience

With fewer passengers on board, enjoy a relaxed atmosphere unbothered by the hustle and bustle of larger cruise lines. Be welcomed by an attentive crew who use their knack for hospitality to craft an intimate, caring environment.

9. Bond With Like-Minded Travellers

The close-knit, welcoming atmosphere of a boutique ship also means you have a unique chance to form friendships with your fellow travellers. Cruise with like-minded travellers who share similar interests, while also creating new experiences authentically.

10. Avoid The Crowds

On a smaller cruise ship, a big draw card for many travellers is avoiding the bigger crowds of a large ship. You have the freedom of space around you to relax without feeling like you are constantly surrounded by people. Being in a busy environment 24/7 can add stress to your cruise, making small ship cruising an attractive option for many.

Small ship cruising offers a wealth of benefits, including personalised service, access to unique destinations and authentic cultural experiences. They also provide an intimate experience, allow you to avoid crowds, have time-saving advantages, and are thoughtfully designed to maximise luxury. This allows travellers to relax, explore and enjoy a more intimate and immersive experience.

To book a small ship cruise, contact one of our experts at Flat Beds Tour + Cruise.

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