Top Cruise Travel Tips From The Flat Beds Tour + Cruise Experts

10 Tips to Make Your Cruise Travel Memorable

At Flat Beds Tour + Cruise, we make sure that we pass on our first-hand experience in cruise ship travel. We have put together our list of top cruise travel tips to help you avoid mistakes on your first cruise, to save you time, money and a whole lot of stress.


  1. Check your travel documents: Keep your passport, tickets, confirmation letters, and IDs in an easy-to-access folder, as well as making sure you have the correct and valid visas.
  2. Know the ship: When you first board take some time to roam around and familiarise yourself with the ship, don’t worry about getting lost the crew is more than happy to help lead the way. Don’t forget to attend the safety drill to get all the important information.
  3. Join the excursions: Maximize your time on shore and avoid dealing with busy tourist spots, ship-organized excursions are carefully planned to make sure you have a great time
  4. Consider prepaid perks: Getting prepaid gratuities means you don’t have to worry about additional charges during your cruise.
  5. Enjoy the ship’s amenities: The ship itself is part of the experience and offers a range of enjoyable activities. Make sure to take advantage of all the fun opportunities available onboard.
  6. Extend your trip: If the port of embarkation or disembarkation is on your bucket list, why not consider extending your cruise? Stay a few extra days before or after the trip to explore the area and make the most of your visit.
  7. Plan ahead while staying flexible: It’s always a good idea to book your cruises at least six months before the embarkation date. However, keep some flexibility in your plans, allowing room for adjustments and unexpected opportunities.
  8. Make new friends: Don’t spend too much time in your room. Go out and meet other people; you never know when you might encounter them again.
  9. Pack smartly: Pack a carry-on bag with essentials such as a swimsuit and an extra change of clothes. This will come in handy in case there are any delays in your luggage when you board your boat.
  10. Forget your problems: You travel to have fun, so make sure you have one!

We hope that these tips help you prepare for an incredible cruise experience! Preparing for a cruise? Take a look at our latest cruise and travel deals.Flat Be

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