5 Reasons To Snap Up Early Bird Cruise Deals

1) Discount Fare

Many cruise lines offer their best fares when itineraries first go on sale, and then raise the rates as the ships sell out. Booking early allows you to secure the best possible cruise deal, usually at a low introductory fare. Early bird bookings vary across suppliers, with some offering up to 40%, while others offer a generous discount for the second traveller.

2) Pick Of The Cabins

If you have a specific cabin location you’re after onboard, or maybe you’re even after a luxury suite, booking early allows you to secure your ideal cabin. Some cruise lines even offer an upgrade depending on how early you book. With only a handful of luxury suites and desirable cabins available on most cruises, such as Scenic Grand Ocean View cabins that have wrap-around balconies, these are snapped up fast.

3) Onboard Credit

Onboard credit is often a draw card for those that book a cruise early. With a number of cruise lines offering free onboard credit to those that secure a cabin within the early bird period, this gives you money to spend during your cruise. Essentially, this credit is kind of a cash back that can be spent while onboard.

4) Secure Your Ideal Destination

Popular destinations such as Europe and Italy sell out fast, especially during the peak summer season. If you’re looking at a sailing during peak season, snapping up an early bird deal will ensure you get your ideal destination during your ideal travel dates.

5) Exclusive Business Class Airfare Discount

Here at Flat Beds Tour + Cruise we offer airfare credit when you book a tour or cruise. With airfares released around 11 months prior to travel dates, booking early can secure you a preferred airline and departure date, but also allow you to maximise savings. With fares in high demand during peak season, booking early allows you to secure flights at a reasonable price and also select your ideal Business Class seat location.

To discuss our early bird cruise options, contact our experience tour and cruise experts today →

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