10 Reasons To River Cruise

1) Seamless Experience

A river cruise is one of the best ways to visit and explore the world’s most beautiful towns and cities hassle-free. Board your luxurious ship, unpack once and relax in true comfort while you sail from one destination to the next. With plenty of time at each port, there is no rushing around between hotels and airports, nor are you pressured to join one of the many organised tours. Finally, unlike many ocean cruises, river cruises are casual and relaxed, meaning you can leave your dinner suit and cocktail dress at home.

2) More Relaxed Way To Explore

Being on a river ship allows you to dock right in the heart of cities and towns. With many of the world’s greatest cities accessible by river, you can walk straight off the ship into town. Travelling can be hard work when you’re constantly moving from one destination to another. On a river cruise, your ‘hotel’ moves with you, meaning you’ll only have to unpack once, but still get to visit a number of countries and cities. Often referred to as floating hotels, river cruise ships provide all the amenities of a luxury hotel. With onboard restaurants, bards, fitness centres, spas and a pool, there is something for everyone on and off the ship.


3) Truly Intimate Cruising

Due to the nature of European rivers, cruise ships are restricted in size as they must fit through tight locks and under low bridges. This means a smaller guest amount on board, with most river ships accommodate between 150-300 guests, with some even less than this. This not only allows for a quieter cruise, but also gives passengers the opportunity to mingle and get to know each other. 

4) Luxurious Accommodation

The staterooms onboard are spacious and contemporary; often compared to that of a modern hotel room. Within each stateroom, there are luxury amenities such as a flat-screen TV, internet access (often complimentary), a refrigerator, bathrobes, slippers and other ‘hotel style’ amenities. There are a selection of cabin types to choose from depending on your budget. From inside cabins with a small window, to Balcony and Owners Suites that allow you to sit on your balcony as you gently float along the rivers.


5) Uninterrupted, Ever-Changing Scenery

With a new port of call every day comes more breath-taking scenery. Whether you’re in the pool, on your private balcony or even in the restaurant, you are guaranteed to see a variety of beautiful scenery as you sail smoothly along the river. From hillside vineyards to medieval castles, you really can expect fairy-tale scenery!

6) Submerge In Local Culture

A river cruise provides a real insight into the local cultures. From tours through local villages to lecture onboards, you’ll never be short of activities to take part in. The tours and excursions are led by experts who take you into the heart of the history and culture behind you destination. This then continues through onboard lectures, where you can dive deeper into the facts. You also get to experience a taste of local cuisine, with many river cruises adapting their menus according to the destination. Activities and entertainment are often reflected by the itinerary and location of the cruise, with many cruise lines inviting local folk groups on board to provide entertainment.

7) Eliminate Motion Sickness

With no sailing into the open ocean, there are no waves to worry about. Not only do you avoid the rough seas, but the flat-bottomed ships provide a smooth and pleasant journey, meaning you can leave the motion sickness tablets at home.

8) First Class Service From Expert Staff And Crew

From the moment you book your cruise to the moment you disembark, you are truly looked after. The staff go above and beyond to make you experience memorable and relaxing, while the attention to detail you’ll receive is outstanding (a great benefit to cruising with a smaller number of passengers).

9) Shore Excursions Included

River cruise itineraries offer a variety of complimentary, immersive tours, that give you the opportunity to visit famous landmarks while also learning the local history. Most operators also provide a few options for each port – some being by coach, others walking tours and some intimate local experiences. All of the tour guides speak great English and have extensive knowledge of the local history, which you’ll be able to listen to through your audio headset provided to you.

10) Value For Money

Last but not least, all the inclusions! You’ll be amazed at what’s included, with many river cruises now being all inclusive, where everything onboard from dining, touring and drinks, are all included in your cruise fare. There are an abundance of operators with vessels cruising the rivers of the world, giving you a huge variety of river cruises to choose from. From all-inclusive luxury to paired back cruises with excellent value, there is a river cruise to suit any type of traveller. 

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